Our Planning Process

We're dedicated to crafting your journey tailored to your needs, ensuring an exclusive and seamless travel experience.

Send Proposal Request

Tell us the specifics: your intended destination, timeline, travel preferences and wellness needs. We want to hear every detail – big or small.

We connect with you

Our retreat travel curator will contact you to get to know your specifics wellness and travel goals. We will design a personalized itinerary, we will also advise the best retreats according to your specific goals.

We customize every detail

After talking with your curator, you’ll be presented with a proposal including one packaged trip price and booking information. We’ll refine it until you’re completely satisfied.

Confirm your reservation

Complete your booking by paying the invoice provided. Since we're responsible for booking all hotels, services, and transportation, your Healing Travels itinerary is the only source of confirmation you need.

Pack your luggage and go on your transformative trip

We’re here to ensure every step of your trip is seamless.